Illia Korchahin

ROLE Founder

About Illia

Hi! My name is Illia, and I’m a geek. I have an Engineering degree from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, but I realized that it’s not what I want to do. That’s why I switched to the amazing world of web products instead of manufactured ones.

I’m passionate about collecting and analyzing data, optimizing processes, and creating beautiful websites. It was painful for me to see how many casino websites provide “honest” and “unbiased” reviews when they’re really nothing more than marketing. That’s how the idea for this project was born.

Outside of work, I enjoy music (house, afrobeats jazz), retro cars (a little puzzle: 911 964, and e36 are my favs), gaming (primarily Rust and WoT), and gambling (love exploring new titles, my favorites are instant games like Crash, Mines, Plinko).